Growboxx® plant cocoon

This new device will make a change!

With the biodegradable Growboxx® plant cocoon you can start planting trees in combination with 4 vegetables, shrubs or flowers in a water saving and energyless way. Imagine planting a fruit tree in combination with 4 vegetables in your garden during the most extreme weather conditions – like the hot summers in Rajasthan. The vegetables will already set fruits during the first year, and the fruit tree will set fruits during the years that will follow. In this way, you will already have a benefit in the first year while planting with the Growboxx® plant cocoon.

Product information

The Growboxx is biodegradable and enriched with nutrients. 

The size of an individual Growboxx® plant cocoon is: 40 x 40 x 20 cm (16'' x 16'' x 8'') The weight of an individual Growboxx® plant cocoon is: 600 grams (16 oz)

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First results

Before the Growboxx became available for the global market, it was extensively tested. In this video you can see the result of the first trial in Zaragoza, Spain. 

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