the first pilots


Tharfood will plant the first 400 boxes with trees and vegetables. 

This is a selection of what we will plant:

- mango, pommegranate, lemon, apple ber, gunda, guava, cashew

- neem, banyan, rohida, khejri, amaltas, siris

- tomato, brinjal, chillies, squash, cherry tomatoes, marigold, tinda

Here we also will introduce our program Our Colour is Green with improvement of rainwater harvesting, local food production and sustainable land management.

Tamil Nadu

In Thalavadi, a dry area in Tamil Nadu, a large group of farmers will start with 300 boxes. This project is initiated and funded by Palm2 . Have a look at all the great work they do!

They have planted their first tree also!

More customers

All together in 10 places the first Growboxes in India will let trees and vegetables grow on arid grounds. The Growboxx will be introduced in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and the Punjab.