High survival rate, low water usage!

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Desertification will be stopped in the Thar desert by building grass production units near the villages. The main cause for desertification, namely overgrazing, will be minimized. The impact is huge, the landscape can restore, semi-nomadism is not necessary anymore and the children can go to school. 

A new program

Rainwater harvesting


In Rajasthan we have an average rainfall of 200mm per year in 3 to 5 days a year. We see lots of possibilities to catch more rain near villages, just by making use of natural water flows and digging new ponds.  

Grass production


Within a fenced area the grass (Sewan grass) can grow naturally. This grass can be cut every 30 days. And when you water it again, you can have harvests all year long

Growing trees


With the Growboxx® and the Waterbox® trees will be planted. Trees are essential for landscape restoration and the grass yield will be at the best. Based on our former results we estimate a survival of 90% of all planted trees.

current statUs



Water is the start of everything. So we analyzed the area and found that only  0,1% of the rain is caught.  So there is room for improvement. In our first attempt we caught 1,5 million liters. This is enough for the village and their cattle. 

We have build long small ponds, that can be covered so evaporation by the strong winds and sun will be minimal.  Next year we will expand the possibilities even more. 



The grass is cut for the first time in August 2019. During a year we will try to harvest enough grass for the local cattle and sell grass to nearby commercial farms.

Our findings will be the foundation of the organization model we will implement. We assume that it is possible to produce enough grass for the local cattle ånd create income. 



In 2018 we planted 400 trees, fruittrees and forest trees. After one year still 78% has survived the most vulnerable period. With the lessons learned we know now that we can achieve a 90% survival rate with a minimum usage of water. 

We were very pleased with our first mango flowers. 

next steps

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To convince funding partners and governmental departments, we need to be able to show more results. The missing part is mainly the yield from grass. Further more we would like to learn more about rainwater harvesting.  


The Our colour is green foundation will make sure that everyone penny is spend properly.