Our colour is green

We will do more than just the introduction of the Growboxx. Together with improved rainwater harvesting, local food production and sustainable land management, we want to green the desert. 

In Kandiyala, Rajasthan we will show that this is possible with simple and affordable techniques. 

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A new program

Rainwater harvesting

The catch man area near Kandiyala receives 200 mm of rainfall. Currently we are able to catch only a small part. With new simple techniques we want to make major improvements and harvest much more

Local food production

The Growboxx will give the opportunity to grow vegetables, but we want more. We will start experimenting with a new design polyhouse and maybe even hydroponic growth. 

Sustainable land management

Together with the farmers and the local authorities we will make a plan to use the land in the best possible way. 

Cattle can help with greening the desert.