First shipment arrives in September

trees and vegetables on arid grounds

The introduction of the Growboxx® will make a change for farming and reforestation in India.

Trees with impact

The mission

The world faces big challenges; 

- the climate is changing

- the need for food increases

We want to improve the climate, locally and global.

Meanwhile we empower local food production in arid zones.

This will also lead to structural jobs.

The change

Imagine the benefits of a high quality forest that will last. In our first pilots in India we will show that it is possible to grow local trees like neem and rohida but also apple ber, mango, pomegranate and much more. Next to the trees you will see the growth of vegetables like tomatoes and chillies.

The usage of water will be low, the survival rate high and the growth better.

We improve the climate AND create local food production employment.

One million trees

Our ambitions are high. 

Is it a challenge?  Sure

Is it important?  Definitely

Is it feasible?  FOLLOW US!

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ChainGandhi chowk, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

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