Thar Food

Trees and Food on Arid grounds

Our Aim

Improve Reforestation

We will improve the way to reforest arid grounds:

  • with a higher survival rate
  • with a lower usage of water
  • at lower costs 

Reforestation is a necessary force in our effort to mitigate climate change. Tharfood wants to develop the best method to reforest arid grounds. 

Improve farming on arid grounds

With the introduction of new techniques and new crops we can offer the local farmer more possibilities

Our main focus will be on tree based farming. This organic way of farming has a positive impact on the soil, the environment and the livelihood of the farmer.

Growboxx and First pilots


  • The base for this innovation is the introduction of the Growboxx in India
  • After the scientific evidence, rewards and recognition by the UN, it is now time to find out how the Growboxx can be used. 
  • You can buy the box here


  • In February 2018 we will start our first and biggest pilot in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. We will plant 450 trees in cooperation with the government.
  • Simultaneously other enthusiastic first movers will also execute their pilots. 
  • In August 2018 we will start Tharfood Development centers where we can show the farmers how to grow fruit and vegetables in an organic way.

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The team

In the Indian-Dutch team all required skills are combined to make this a success.

  • Dr. Amit Ballani (External consultant) - Assistant Professor, N.V. Patel College of Pure & Applied Sciences, Anand.
  • Sumit Ballani - Operational manager
  • Puneet Ballani - Project manager, web-designer
  • Wim van der Zwan - Investor, Reseller, Project manager 

In cooperation with the Forestry department of Jaisalmer:

Sudeep Kaur - IFS, Conservator Forestry Department


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